Assistance Required Regarding Unrecognized Transaction and Steam Refund Issue


Hello PayPal Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I'm reaching out with a concern about an unexpected transaction I noticed on my bank account today. Around $40 was withdrawn through Steam, and I'm puzzled because I didn't make any purchases on Steam recently.

I suspect that there might have been an erroneous withdrawal from the Steam system. I have attached an image for reference Screenshot 2023-08-10 041732.png.

Additionally, I want to share the correspondence that took place between me and Steam Support regarding this matter:

My Message on Aug 10 @ 12:32am: "I believe that when I requested a refund for the game, the Steam system ended up charging me once more after Steam refunded me."

Steam Support's Response on Aug 10 @ 2:00am: "Hello,

I was unable to locate the charge(s) in our system with the information you have provided and will need a little more information in order to investigate further.

Please first check with other members of your household who play games on a computer to see if they own a Steam account. If they do, please send us the account login name.

Secondly, if this is a joint bank account or if the card number has changed in the last few months, please provide the last 4 digits of each card associated with this bank account.

Finally, please check whether the credit card statement indicates that this is a PayPal charge. If so, please log in to your PayPal account and provide us with the 16-18 digit long invoice ID associated with the purchase(s) in question. If you do not have a PayPal account or the charges do not appear in your PayPal transactions, please contact PayPal Support directly regarding these charges. Steam Support is unable to locate charges processed through PayPal without the invoice ID."


Upon reviewing my PayPal activity, I couldn't find any charges related to this transaction except for one involving my bank account with the description "PayPal *steam GA." However, the transaction does not appear in my PayPal transactions.

I'm seeking assistance and advice on how to proceed in resolving this issue. Could you please help me understand whether this transaction was indeed processed through PayPal and how I can obtain the necessary invoice ID for Steam Support's investigation?

Thank you in advance for your support.

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Hello @musi222


Welcome! Thank you for visiting PayPal's Community Forum. I'm sorry to hear you've found a transaction you don't recognize from PayPal on your bank. Normally, if you see potentially unauthorized activity on your PayPal account, we'd recommend reporting it as Unauthorized through our Resolution Center. If you do not see the transaction in your PayPal activity, and you don't see it on your Steam account, we'd recommend reaching out to your bank to see what options are available with them. 


My apologies for any inconvenience this has presented. Best wishes!


 - Jon K

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