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Apple trade-in AOS card-type

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Hi all I’ve recently conducted a purchase to Apple with a trade-in product. This means they evaluate my old item and discount (after purchase) on a new item. I’ve received an email from Apple saying they are processing the discount to a card type of “PayPal EUR AOS Stand” and ending in a card number I don’t recognise. Where can I find more information about this card type, and potentially how do I confirm that the card number relates to my PayPal account? Regards Dexter


Apple trade-in AOS card-type


Hello @dmarksbarber,


Welcome to the PayPal Community! I'm sorry to hear there's some confusion about a recent transaction processing from Apple. I would recommend reaching out to Apple's Customer Support teams for further clarification on which card they are processing your discount to. 


Best wishes,


 - Jon K

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