Anyone else have duplicate linked account debits that don't show in PayPal Activity?

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I had a transaction that I cancelled and it reflected the Debit and Refund in my linked Checking account.  But then 4 days later, that cancelled transaction amount debited my account again.  I checked PayPal, and this didn't show (duplicated).  I sent a request to PayPal, and even though I didn't hear back from them yet, I did get a refund on the duplicated transaction.  


Anyone else experience this?  I am unsure if it's a security issue or a PayPal systems issue, but now I don't feel comfortable using PayPal.


PS - Hey PayPal, as a software engineer, I can recommend you also don't have a "flood post" check when someone accidentally forgot to select a Label for the post, or other info required.  Do a check on the error to determine why the multiple resubmits, maybe?  HAHA, and it kept happening because it also deselects the label chosen on error.  Wow, PayPal for the win with me right now.  

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