Any delays or holds on a deposit?

Good morning from Perth, Western Australia! I am expecting a deposit of a *LARGE* amount of money, some AU$30 000, into my PayPal account on this coming Tuesday morning local Perth time. This will be the first time that the person making the deposit has deposited money into my PayPal account. I want to know if there will be any delays or holds placed on my money or will it be *IMMEDIATELY* available to me? Thank you! G.
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I think the maximum you can receive on a personal account at one time is $10,000.

Also I would never use Paypal personally to receive such a large amount.

If they send it as friends/family you may be ok fee wise but if they make a mistake and send goods/services you would pay a large fee.

Also if they sent using goods/services you would be subject to the new seller hold.

You may also have the payment held for a review or be asked to provide i.d. documents etc.

I would personally prefer bank transfer !!! 

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