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24 hour money delay

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I’ve tried to withdraw my money from paypal for like 4 days but each time it’s telling me it’s delayed 24 hours. I’ve tried 2 different cards but each time it’s telling me there will be a 24 hour delay but gets denied each time. Venmo & cashapp work perfectly fine but paypal support is telling me it’s my card that’s declining it. idk how that would be if i’ve tried two different cards. i just really need this money. idk how to fix this problem & they won’t help me fix it.

24 hour money delay


Hi @madsk01


Sorry to hear you're having trouble with transferring money. That is really frustrating. There are a few potential reasons that a withdrawal wouldn't be able to be completed. You can find them here. You can also try transferring to a bank account using the routing and account number. 


Best wishes in resolving this!


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