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I recently bought tickets to a concert in the UK, I paid for it using my paypal but I was around 3 pounds short. Since its a foreign currency, paypal charged the full 180€ to my bank account instead of using the 177€ balance in my wallet, as a result 180€ was suddenly taken from my bank account (note; it wasnt a transaction, it was just gone) and 177 remained in my wallet. So I transferred the 177 from my paypal back to my bank account. Thus my bank account remained at the same balance and my paypal is at 0, as it should be. Though days later I see my paypal is at -177, the price of the ticket was charged AGAIN to my paypal? My bank account is still at the same balance so 177€ has dissapeared.

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Hi @JoJoCa


Welcome to the Forum and thank you for joining! I'm sorry that the transaction results have been difficult to break down. I'll be happy to provide some insight.


It sounds like the bank withheld the funding for the transaction because of the shortfall in your bank account. If there is no backup funding or the backup funding failed, the transaction would still go through but the amount would be subtracted from your balance.


Transactions involving a bank often require a few days to settle so the information is updated both at the bank and on your PayPal account. By now, things may be clearer. If you still have questions and would like to run it by a representative, you can find your contact options by clicking Contact at the bottom of the PayPal website.


I hope this helps!




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