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11 months (and counting) for Paypal to send me the money which remained in my late sister's account

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My sister had a Paypal account when she died a few years ago.  In 2020 her email account received a notice that due to inactivity, the Paypal account would be shut down in May 2021 and "any funds remaining" would go to State of California (our state) Unclaimed Property, from which it could be recovered by filing a claim.  Or... perform any account activity before that date and the account would remain active. (I had no way of doing that.)
In January 2021 I submitted all required paperwork to demonstrate I am the inheritor. I heard nothing except when I reached out to Paypal (online or phone) in April and June.  Finally in June, emails came to say her account was closed.
During a call I made in July, reference was made to "the check which was created" and from then I waited until October to ask why the check hadn't arrived.  They guessed they may have sent it to the wrong address, so they'd cancel it and make a replacement. In November I called to ask about it again, and got another version of previous run-arounds and non-answers. It's always the Limitations Department telling me "the Bereavement Desk, who handles only this particular work" will be told to "make sure this case in the queque."
I started my November call by saying "My NEXT call about this will be to the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs" but that didn't get them moving. It's been another seven weeks... 

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