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verification for receiving a payment from SmartCat Translation portal

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I am not sure whether this inquiry is suitable here. Please instruct me if there is a better place for it.

I have been using PayPal to receive payment from SmartCat, translation portal, for a few years. Recently, verification process becomes necessary when the payment is proceeded from SmartCat to PayPal. During the payment process on SmartCat, it access to PayPal for verification process. For my transaction process, verification process is not approved and my PayPal account cannot receive a payment from SmartCat at the moment.

SmartCat says:
"We can't solve this issue on our side, and we don't know why you wallet isn't still verified, as PP will not tell us anything in this case, as it's your personal account.
We kindly ask you to contact PP support team and explain this issue."

Technically, instruction from SmartCat is as the followings:
1. Access
2. If your account is verified, you will see the message "Your PayPal account is Verified" (make a screenshot and send it to us)

However, when I access to the URL above on PayPal, my dashboard page is displayed and I cannot get the message above.

Any help would be appreciated?


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