my refund is not showing up on the payment refund

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I can’t find my refund, I sent a payment for a purchase on the keychron website, my payment was rejected, and now I can’t find it in my paypal history, the refund is not displayed, what are they doing?

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Hello @Ikrom1

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I'm sorry you're having trouble finding the refund regarding a recent purchase that didn't complete successfully. If the payment was never successfully sent to the merchant, there's a good chance the original payment is only a pending authorization with your payment method. If this is the case, the authorization usually falls off in about ten days, but some banks can take up to 30. You can learn more about refund timeframes on our Help Center here: Where is my refund? 

If you don't see any sign of the transaction on your PayPal account, it may have been completed as a guest checkout. A guest checkout is a purchase through PayPal that doesn't link to your PayPal account because you were likely not logged in. That's okay, though. It can still be reviewed/disputed if need be. If you don't see the money back on your payment method in 30 days, please reach out to Customer Support for further investigation. You'll want to make sure you have the transaction ID/receipt number that shows in the email from PayPal when you reach out. You can get in touch with Customer Support by clicking 'Contact' at the bottom of any PayPal webpage.

I hope this helps ease your mind! 

- Meghan

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