missing refund for bike that was never sent

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Hi I'm at the end of my rope with Paypal and a vendor.  I ordered a bike back in November. The bike ended up being backordered.  Initially I had good communication with the seller the first couple months and then they just dropped off communicating.  When I finally got through via phone they said there were issues with their supplier and the delivery date kept getting pushed back.  Eventually the delay was so long I asked for a refund via phone messages and email. I did not receive any response.  Paypal would not get involved because it was past 6 months from the order date.  Eventually I got through to them via online chat.  They agreed to refund my money on 7/7 and I have an email receipt showing a refund to Paypal.  However it still does not show in my online account.  Paypal phone center said there were no agents to help me (I called 90 minutes before their listed closing hours) and redirected me to their message service which proves completely useless.  I don't know how to proceed to get my $1300 back. Does anyone have advice?

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Was there a record of the refund issued on your PayPal account activity? If yes, refund will appear according to: Where is my refund?


You can reach out to PayPal at Facebook or Twitter thru private message:    

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