What happens if the debit card associated with the Paypal account expires?

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My linked debit card will expire in five days, while my new debit card will take at least two weeks to arrive.

I'd like to know if the payments I get during this time will stay in my account or be sent back.

Also, will it affect my verified status?


Thank you in advance.


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Hi @Mahesh280,


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If you have any payments that would be coming from that debit card, they will not go through. It would be important to change your payment method to the payments in question so that you do not experience a disruption. If you have payments that are taken from your bank account and that is not changing, your payments will go through as they would normally. There are some times when the backup funding source may be charged when the preferred method is unavailable, so please have your funding sources updated within your Wallet. Once you have your new card available, please update it in your PayPal account. If you only need to change the expiration date, you can find steps to do so in our Help Center


I hope this helps you navigate this process better!


Thank you,

- Schae 

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