Sending money from bank vs credit card vs debit card

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I'm helping a friend buy an item unique to my country however the money he sends have a hold over/1 month waiting time, transaction fee and can't select as friends/family. Upon checking it's because he linked his credit card and not a debit card which is something I assume leads to instant transfers. 


If he links his bank account instead of his credit card will be able to send money as friends/family if he doesn't have a debit card?

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Whether he can send a friends/family payment is dependent on which country he is in.

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Hello @Rickan19,


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I am happy to help you with your inquiry about sending money through PayPal! When you use PayPal for sending money, you can select the payment as either a purchase or Friends & family payment. You can use Friends & family payments option when you send money as a gift, split a lunch bill, pay your share of living expenses, or something similar. Adding or removing the financials will not effect the payment type.


If you're purchasing goods or services from a seller or merchant, you need to choose the payment as a purchase by selecting "Paying for an item or service." We cover eligible goods and services payments under PayPal Buyer Protection. Friends & family payments are not intended for the purchase of goods or services from sellers.


As @kernowlass mentioned some countries may not have the option to send personal payments. To view the services available in your country, go to the PayPal website, click the flag at the bottom of the page, and then click 'See all countries.' In the drop down menu, select your country to see what services we offer.


When you receive a goods & services payment, the funds will be held by our standard 21 days hold. Delaying funds availability is a common industry practice we implement to help ensure the secure use of PayPal. More information about  PayPal payment holds can be found here


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