Reason why my funds are temporarily unavailable??


Hello Everyone!


I am regretting the day I started my business and opted to use Paypal as a payment partner. 
I have a very serious concern which I want to get resolved. Let me tell you how many times I have provided the complete details about my business, purchasing evidence, shipment evidence, invoices, my personal identity documents, personal bank statements etc. Even last week I got an email that my account is  "Verified".  I don't understand why Paypal put a hold again on my amounts after complete verification last week?
I need to know the reason why my funds are temporarily unavailable. The reasons mentioned on the Paypal list doesn't apply, neither I am a new seller nor are there even a single complaint from any buyer.  Secondly, I don't understand there was no hold until last week and why suddenly was the hold was implemented this week? I just want clarity if it will be all the time so I can plan my funding accordingly, not a surprise suddenly that there is a hold. 
The people at the customer service don't know anything and they just tell the same story all time.
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