Paypal credit low available balance and your bank account


I need to know if it is unlawful for paypal to change your payment method to something other than what you chose at the merchant. If i choose paypal CREDIT 9and not paypal which comes out of my bank balance), and my available credit is too low to cover the transaction, shouldn’t paypal reject that paypal CREDIT transaction which is through synchrony bank? Then the online merchant would tell me that i need to choose another payment method. That’s not what is happening. I, like many others, choose credit when you don’t have the funds to pay upfront or just don’t want to use the cash in your bank for a larger payment. Instead of paypal rejecting the paypal credit transaction with the merchant, they co into your bank account. Supposedly paypal balance and paypal credit are two separate things. Until recently, you couldnt even use your paypal balance to make a payment on your paypal credit bill. So, how is it that a transaction is being sent to paypal credit or synchrony bank, and the paypal that is attached to your bank account is reacting to fulfill that transaction? 


No other company does that. Affirm will say either i need to put a down payment before they can complete the transaction or simply reject it, and they are attached to my bank account. Capital One will simply decline the transaction if my available credit is too

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