I want to archive a purchase from my dashboard so that is doesn't appear automatically

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I have made a purchase on PayPal that is an anniversary surprise for my partner.  I would like it not to come up on my dashboard which my partner will see.  How do I archive or hide a purchase from my dashboard?

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Hello @Wilcox1,


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It looks like you have concerns about your partner possibly seeing a payment listed for an anniversary gift in your Activity. I know it would be important to keep that a surprise! At PayPal, we always recommend that our customers create and use their own account. If you have a partner that uses your PayPal account, this could end up causing security issues down the road. If you have a Business account and your partner is added as an authorized user, then using the account should be fine. I see that you've asked how you can remove a transaction from appearing in your Activity or dashboard. PayPal does not have that capability at this time. I'm sorry to give you this news! This may be a good time to ask your partner to create their own PayPal account to make things easier. 


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- Schae

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