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My Aunt sent me money to buy a birthday present for my niece. I accidentally typed my email address as [removed] instead of [removed]  and she sent it to the wrong one. How can she cancel this and then send to the correct email address? Thank you!

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If she sent it using the friends/family option? then >>> 


If its showing as unclaimed/pending then cancel it if there is a cancel option, if there is not then it will time out at 30 days if not claimed by then.


Unclaimed with a cancel option means the email address does not exist. Unclaimed withOUT a cancel option means that the email address exists but not linked to an active paypal account. (However that email address will receive a paypal email telling them that they have been sent funds and to set up a paypal account to 'claim' the money).


However if it showing SENT then all you can do is email that 'wrong' email address and request that they refund the funds. If they refuse then little you can do as it was a 'gift' payment that you can't open a paypal dispute on.  You could ask for a chargeback if you funded the payment via a credit card but they equally may decline as it was a 'gift' payment and not a goods/services payment.


Lastly if she sent it using the goods/services option then if the recipient refuses a refund she can open a dispute for non receipt of item and should get a refund as that person has nothing to send her.

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