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Hi, I have credit balance in my account, and preferred pay method PayPal credit, but when I am shooing online it take from my bank account vis pay pall. My question is, what is the reason I can not use my credit balance
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Hello @Me19nep,


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I see that you have concerns regarding your bank account being charged for a payment that was intended for your preferred funding source of PayPal Credit. I'm sorry for the trouble you've had! PayPal Credit is a special credit line that merchants and websites need to have on as an option for acceptable forms of payment. Additionally, our internal security system could flag something as risky and prevent PayPal Credit from being available. Lastly, your back up funding source will be charged if your PayPal Credit does not have enough available credit, or you will be asked to select a different payment method at checkout. Check out the Help Centre article I linked above more for information on preferred payment methods.


I hope this helps explain things more!


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