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Donations and Fundraising Resources


Donations and Fundraising Resources

Hi everyone,


Accepting donations online is easy! It doesn't take very much time to set up when using PayPal or a PayPal compatible donation services. The purpose of this post is to include links to information that will help you explore some of the best solutions for your fundraising needs.


Before I get to the good stuff, please remember that posts soliciting donations or other requests for monetary contributions will be removed per the Community Help Forum Rules and Guidelines.  While the Community Help Forum isn't the appropriate venue for requesting donations, we do want to make sure that any person seeking to collect donations with PayPal has the information they need to get started. Smiley Happy


So here we go:


Most of the following information can be referenced from these pages:

Online Fundraising Tools

Accepting Donations through PayPal for Nonprofits

School Payment Solutions for K-12

Nonprofit Frequently Asked Questions




Collect donations for a Nonprofit on eBay using eBay Giving Works powered by the PayPal Giving Fund




 How does it work?

Any eBay seller can commit to donate a percentage of their listing's final sale price to the nonprofit of their choice. To find sellers using eBay Giving Works, search on this page or click: here.


How can your Nonprofit use this service?

Nonprofits can reach a new audience, strengthen ties with their existing donor base, and take their fundraising to the next level. Signing up for eBay Giving Works is easy and free, and every 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit is eligible to participate. The first step is to get certified by the PayPal Giving Fund. There is no annual fee for nonprofits to use eBay Giving Works.


eBay Giving Works also enables Nonprofits to sell their own items on eBay as well.


If you're a Nonprofit interested in using eBay Giving Works and would like more information, please click here:

eBay Giving Works for Nonprofits



Fundraising Partners for Nonprofits


We’ve teamed up with the leading online fundraising partners that include PayPal in their offerings. See what they can do for your nonprofit.



Blackbaud is the leading provider of on-demand constituent engagement solutions for nonprofits. Go


Network for Good

Want to increase your average donation and raise more money? Learn more about DonateNow. Go


Stay Classy

StayClassy is a leading provider of fundraising management software for nonprofit organizations. Go



Reach more people--raise more money. Raise funds for your nonprofit using social media. Go


artez interactive

Get friendship-powered mobile, social, and online fundraising solutions from Artez.  Go




With Salsa, nonprofits of all sizes can build, organize, and engage a base of support.  Go





Eventbrite provides nonprofits with affordable, easy-to-use online tools that help you manage your fundraiser every step of the way.  Go



Save time, promote and manage events online, large and small, all in one place.  Go



Personal Fundraising

Learn more


Personal Fundraising Partners

Discover the easy-to-use social media fundraising app for personal and group causes.  Go

Build your own fundraising website; it’s free to try it.  Go

The leading global crowdfunding platform, where anyone can raise funds for any idea.  Go

Pay It Square provides the easiest way to collect money online, and it’s free to use.  Go


School Payment Solutions for K-12


Looking for a solution to fundraise for your school?  Look no further! Smiley Happy



Learn more about how Nonprofits are using PayPal and eBay by following us on twitter and facebook:


PayPal NonProfit on twitter


eBay Giving Works on facebook



I hope this helps anyone looking for more information about some of the options available for fundraising with Paypal. Smiley Very Happy


- Frank

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Re: Donations and Fundraising Resources

If you're thinking, "Frank, that's great and all but I just want to find ways that I can donate to nonprofits with PayPal!"


You got it. Smiley Happy Here ya go:



The PayPal Giving Fund has a directory of Nonprofits.  Check it out!



eBay giving works


Make donations to your favorite Nonprofits using eBay Giving Works.


Purchase items on eBay from sellers using eBay Giving Works


Donate directly to your favorite Nonprofit.



Now get donating! Smiley Wink


- Frank

If you see a helpful post, please accept it as a solution or give the author kudos. Smiley Happy Thanks!
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