withdrawal issues when check payment is requested

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I live in Jamaica and whenever I want to withdraw funds from my Paypal account I have to use check withdrawal. There is no other way.

I am always anxious whenever I request a check (cheque) - when will it arrive? will it arrive? The length of time it takes for a check to arrive suggests that Paypal is not using Air Mail.


Suggestions: a) Is it too difficult for a tracking system to be in place - what would be the added cost to persons like me? b) The post office has a system of 'Registered Mail'.  If that is used we would feel safer.

c) I live in Jamaica and so I don't have a US bank account. However through our banks we can create US$ trading accounts which receive and dispatch monies in that currency. I am suggesting that such an account can be used as the transfer account.


Doreen [removed]




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Hello @DoreenLM


Welcome to the PayPal Community Forum. I'm sorry to hear there's been some concerns transferring funds out of your PayPal account. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions! While we can't make any promises, I'll be happy to pass your feedback along to the proper teams for consideration. PayPal is always looking to make a better experience for our users. 


Thank you for choosing PayPal, 


 - Jon K

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