Why can't a telephone paypal customer service rep transfer me to another agent?

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Long story..


I joined paypal in 2009.  Minor issues here and there but overall, great experience altogether......UNTIL NOW...

I get a legit paypal unusual activity email.  I login through website, tells me to change my password.  Looking at my email, I notice that i got the unusual activity email at 10:30am but right before that at 10:29am, I got another email saying a $150 Euros transaction payment has been authorized and processed.  A week or two ago, i went onto a website looking at gear, but upon checking out, I thought it was odd that the payment process was that they send me a money request through paypal.   Upon checking out, I get an immediate message from the site telling me that the request was sent.  Taking everything in, I couldn't shake the feeling that this payment process was very odd so I knew I wasn't going to allow or accept this request.  I assumed of course that the transaction wouldn't go through unless i logged into paypal and accepted it which is why I was so surprised to see that it went through today.  So i call into paypal customer service, the phone automation system has me verified and even identify which transaction I'm calling to dispute.  First agent asks me why i'm calling so i ask them "did you get the information i input through the phone system?".  She ignores my question and again asks me why i'm calling so I re-ask my question albeit this time, I'm SLIGHTLY frustrated.  She acknowledges that she sees it, and transfer me.  Next agent goes through the whole dispute opening spiel.  I ask questions about the transaction like "i never accept requests for money, but when one populates, doesn't the account holder have to log in and manually accept it? " to which it becomes obvious that he either doesn't understand me or is choosing not to answer.  I let it go and he finishes opening the dispute.  After, because the transaction hasn't reached my credit card yet, I ask "well can't i just call AMEX and tell them to not let it go through?".  He really doesn't underestand what I'm asking and pretty much ignores it.  I don't let him get away with it this time and i ask him again but this time, I'm more firm and obviously frustrated.  Again, he tries to skip over it so i ask him "do you not hear me or do you not understand the question?".  Radio silence.......atleast a couple of minutes.  At this point, i'm guessing he's hoping I hangup.  I don't think so buddy, I'll wait forever if i have to.  Eventually, he breaks and says "hello?".  At this point, I'm upset cause now my time is getting wasted.  We go through the same previous processof him asking me to re-ask.  I do it.  Eventually, its clear he doesnt know the answer or he doesn't want to answer so I ask him to put another agent on.  He asks me why.  I say it is because he's not adequately answering my questions.  Then he says no.  I ask for a supervisor.  He says no.  I re-state my request.  And again, he starts back up the silence game.  OKay fine, no problem.  Minutes pass again (keep in mind minutes seem like hours in this context and I'm getting more and more frustrated as time passes). He  says "hello?" again.  So now i call him out.  I say i'm not going to hang up, i will wait until my reasonable request is met.  Either you hang up or find me another agent.  He hangs up.  I'm steaming now.   Funny thing is, is that I callback, go through the process, speak to another agent and he answers me fine.  14 years and I don't care that paypal is the predominant online wallet.  All this agent had to do was transfer me and instead, he's playing games, wasting my valuable time, and making me feel totally like a degenerate.  I attempted to close my account but until this dispute is decisioned, I have to wait.  14 years down the drain just like that.  I have deleted all my payment methods and cancelled all my billing agreements (25 of them) as i dont want anything more to go through.  All i wanted at the end  was to speak to someone else and that would have not triggered me to go this route.  Why can't they transfer me?  Regardless, I wanted to share my experience.  As you see, this is my first and only post.  And for those of you that think I'm exagerrating, I have the call recorded ( i admit that I wasn't the most pleasant on the phone).  I probably won't come back on this forum and again, I just wanted to share my experience.


Goodbye Paypal.

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No idea. Very strange agent, that one.



Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂
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