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Why are paypal such a bunch of morons?

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Why are paypal such a bunch of morons?

For some reason paypal have decided that I don't have a debit card registered with them (I do), and have made a seller wait until August for a payment I requested last week, and that they have to pay for this via an e check (!!). They have never done this before, and the imbecile I spoke to at Paypal just kept repeating the same old rubbish about my bank not sending them the funds. What is going on here, and why did she keep gibbering on about July 23rd, as if some sort of cataclysmic event happened on July 23rd?

They also told me that I had removed the debit card, which confirms they are idiots.

All answers welcome

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Re: Why are paypal such a bunch of morons?


Reasons for echeques being used instead of paypal crediting the recipient upfront ...

1. Card needs updating ie has expired.
2. Has had a recent negative balance.
3. A recent failed bank transfer.
4. For some high cost riskier payments / transactions.
5. Friends / family payments....funded from a bank account.

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Re: Why are paypal such a bunch of morons?

I'm with you on that! At least you talked to a person! I just keep getting the same freaking instructions over and over and it's doing nothing.