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'We're withdrawing the payment for.....'

New Community Member

'We're withdrawing the payment for.....'

A recent change insofar as I now receive Emails notifying me of payments that are about to be taken from my bank account titled 'We're withdrawing the payment for..... (etc)


I think that the use of this term is quite a poor choice of wording and something which can be quite misleading.


The first time that I read it I took it to mean 'ceasing to participate' - and my most immediate thought was that the payment was NOT going to be taken from my account.


Once I had opened the main message, it was clear to me that this was not the case but I still think that there must be better ways to title the Emails to inform users that a payment is about to be taken from an account.


I think the original wording for these mails was 'We're processing the payment for....' - which seems much clearer.


Am I the only person who found this unclear?