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Political activism by Paypal!

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Re: PayPal & Politics



You know what they say about opinions...and everyone has one of course and should be allowed to have one even if you disagree. Isn’t that what the right is always complaining about of the left? And you have every right to close your account as well.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

Re: PayPal & Politics

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Company endorsements. Politics.



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Leaving PayPal.

I will be closing my account as soon as my last transaction is closed. I am tired of PayPal supporting all that is bad. Who gives a rat's **bleep** if you don't like Georgia's voting rules! PayPal is contributing to Cancel Culture and I want nothing to do with the RACIST, ANTI-AMERICAN Corporation you've become. I am blogging other like minded people to cancel their accounts also!!


Re: Leaving PayPal.

I am going to leave PayPal just as soon as possible and advise everybody I know to do the same, they have frozen my account with several thousands of pounds in credit, its very much like some kind of scam!!!
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PayPal Playing Politics

Where does Paypal get off with having a POLITICAL STANCE on Georgia Voting Rights? What in the HELL does this have to do with Paypal and the services it offers? I had to have a DAMN PHOTO ID to setup my Paypal account and you all do not think it should be required to VOTE IN ELECTIONS......WTF....I have been a customer SINCE PAYPAL was someones IDEA, I suggest PAYPAL get your **bleep** together and FIX THE PROPAGANDA **bleep** it is spewing or I will cancel MY ACCOUNT and have my Family cancel ALL of their Paypal Accounts.....PERIOD!!!!!


Paypal's egregious response to the Georgia Election law

PayPal said it would no longer add 400 jobs and invest $3.6 million in a new center in Georgia.


What the heck is wrong with you, PayPal?  Do you REALLY have a problem with fair and honest elections?  Did the idiot who made this decision even actually READ the law before pulling a stupid stunt like that?  Whoever did that should be fired immediately for letting the lamestream media and leftist corporate investors bully them into doing this.  First, Georgia is NOT going to go back to letting Stacey Abrams steal elections... EVER.  Second, all PayPal is doing is hurting the people who live in Georgia, many of them their customers.  THAT'S JUST PLAIN STUPID!  STOP THIS!

I am furious!  If my work didn't require that I use PayPal, I would leave it in a heartbeat.  As it is, I did delete my Ebay account.  There is absolutely NOTHING in the new law that restricts ANY legal voter from casting a single ballot.  NOT ONE THING!  There are more early voting days.  There are secure drop boxes. And yes, they require voter ID to set up absentee voting.  What is your problem with people having to actually BE who they SAY THEY ARE when they vote in a United States election?

Grow a little common sense and common decency and rescind that idiotic decision immediately, PayPal.


Re: Paypal's egregious response to the Georgia Election law

Fully agree. Will be closing my account.

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Moving All Star Game out of Atlanta

How many Picture IDs does Paypal require to transfer money to a bank account. Answer 2..Repeat 2. So what is inappropriate to ask all voters to present 1 ID? The height of hypocrisy. Shame on you Paypal. Kowtowing to political pressure.


Re: Moving All Star Game out of Atlanta

Exactly! There is no suppression of votes by requiring ID to vote. ID's are required for everything in life, voting should be no different. The true agenda behind this is not for those with ID to vote, it is so those who can not get IDs to vote. IE the dead or illegal voter, the democrats only hope to stay in power!