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Paypal "Minimum Payment Due" SCAM!!!


Paypal "Minimum Payment Due" SCAM!!!

When you click on "Make a Payment" on the Paypal site you are brought to the make a payment page, and it doesn't show the "Amount to Avoid Accrued and Deferred Interest" after the "Minimum Payment Due". Instead the show the **bleep** "Last Statement Balance" total, instead of the amount due to avoid the accrued interest, WHO THE **bleep** CARES WHAT YOUR LAST STATEMENT BALANCE WAS?!?!?! This is the "Make a Payment" page, the thing directly to the right of the "Minimum Due" amount NEEDS TO BE the "Amount to Avoid Accrued and Deferred Interest", but the SCAM ARTISTS here at Paypal are hoping you see the minimum amount due and pay it instead of paying off the total amount so they can charge you the interest.


I sent them this message in an email and I will be contacting my attorney in the morning regarding a class action lawsuit... "While making a Paypal Credit payment it is RIDICULOUS that when you go to "Make a Payment" on the Paypal Credit page it shows in the top left hand corner "Minimum Payment Due" with the amount below it, and directly to the right of that is "Last statement balance". WHO THE HELL CARES WHAT THEIR LAST STATEMENT BALANCE WAS ON THE MAKE A PAYMENT PAGE?!?!?!? What SHOULD BE THERE is "Amount to Avoid Standard and Deferred Interest", but it is obvious this is INTENTIONALLY not being shown in hopes that members using Paypal Credit only pay the minimum due so that Paypal can then charge the interest accrued.


I will be contacting my lawyer regarding a class action lawsuit due to intentional misrepresentation of the payment due instead of showing the amount needed to avoid the accrued interest. This is an obvious scam, it is clear to anyone with half a brain that the amount needed to be paid to avoid the accrued interest should be clearly posted right next to the minimum amount due on the "Make a Payment" page, none of us should have to click on or search for that info on another page, and I will gladly see you in court when this case is filed with the NJ attorney general's office. There is no excuse for this deception."