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PayPal Politics

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PayPal Politics

Why has PayPal entered into politics? How about serving customers and making profits and leaving political posturing to others?



Paypal, which notably banned, then reinstated two left-wing targeted conservative websites in 2017 after public backlash, is now reportedly partnering with the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center to determine which accounts should be banished from the platform. Coming from what should be an impartial transaction platform, given Paypal’s size and market share it’s a move that could deny a vital role in commerce to individuals and groups based on political views alone. Writes Republican National Committeewoman Harmeet <removed>: “PayPal’s CEO claims to want companies to be a ‘force for good.’ They could be a force for equality, inclusion and freedom, and could ensure that a marketplace of ideas remains competitive and open. Instead, they have become a force for exclusion, segregation, and the silencing of dissidents.”