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Pay pal gave me a nervous break down.


Pay pal gave me a nervous break down.

7 days 30 hours of lies. Yes sir your account is fixed it will be done in 2 hours. Then I got 24 hours it will refresh a d be working again. I have heard over 12 different stories in a week all lies at end my accou t is still blocked with my money. Today the call center hung on on me 4 times I called back & they took another persons bank details ti transfer blocked cash but then hang up after details. I called back 61 times it rings and then they hang it up. I'm going nuts over this faceless cimpany. They lie to me now because they can't fix my account they just wont answer my phone. I got them twice with a different number they pretend ti put me on hold to help me after 10 mi utes they just hung up. I call & call now but no good it rings but they cut me off. How rude is that. I have been a loyal customer since 2006 with around 1000 transactions 10s of thousands & they treat me like **bleep** to be walked around. Thank you Mac, mike jason and jenifer at the call center <removed> For givi f me a nervous breakdown it must of been funny playing hanging up. And a special thanks to mike who called me twice on my mobile just to hang up. That was well thaugjt out Mike from call center <removed> Real winners. Thanks for nothing. I still have a blocked account my paypal is blocked not bank as they told me 2 times, went to bank it was all clear. Just another lie to get rid of customer. What a motley crew.


Re: Pay pal gave me a nervous break down.

Hi @peterzacharias,


I'm sorry to hear that you had this experience with customer service. That's certainly not the experience that we want to have any of our customers have. To have the actions of the previous representatives examined, please reach out to customer service. Besides calling, there is also an option for emailing on the contact page, or you can reach out by PM on Facebook or DM on Twitter.


Does your account have a limitation on it, or are the funds held with delayed funds availability? We can provide some resources with information if we have more of an idea what's happening. 


Thank you!




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