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Nickname for different cards/accounts.


Nickname for different cards/accounts.

So, I found this below - look at the date!


 or label payment methods


Is there a way to rename or label the different payment methods I have set up?  I have 3 different credit accounts attached to my paypal account.  They all show on my profile as "Visa" and h...
Check out the date!!!!!!  Come on Paypal surely enough people have asked for this, its Now 2020!  Is there another option to Paypal because I'm sick of having to sort out which card is which by going and getting my wallet and finding which card I need, I have multiple cards for various companies and also have an IT department who could do this for you if your own staff can't manage this.
Getting very fed up, just give us this option!

Re: Nickname for different cards/accounts.

So that last post of mine Paypal have removed the date off the post whoever made, it was 2010

Does anyone know of a different system from Paypal as I'm sick of asking for a way of renaming my cards and accounts?