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Lets Have a PayPal.Me Url Change Feature Please.

New Community Member

Lets Have a PayPal.Me Url Change Feature Please.

Previous post that has been marked as Solved. It has been answered but certainly not resolved.


Hi All,


New to this community and this is one of the reasons I joined the forum to get this sorted... it looks like even after many years this hasn't been a feature that PayPal have decided to implement, I don't understand why! Even to the point that they, admins, have marked the previous thread as solved, Unbelievable that it's actually not 'solved' but has been marked as 'solved'. It might have been 'answered' but it definitely hasn't been solved.


Many people from what I understand want this feature especially re-branding and renaming of businesses also changing business account to personal and visa-versa... surly this feature is needed.