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Keep getting phone calls from Paypal stating FRAUD.

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I spent hours on the phone today with Paypal because their employees gave me conflicting information regarding a charge back.

That was just the beginning. Then  another customer service rep. mistakenly put my account on limited status because she

accidentally put incorrect info on my account regarding potential fraud. I had to contact Paypal to try to understand what

was going on, another 45 minutes wasted on the phone. I find out she **bleep** up, no fraud related transaction to my account.

She was supposed to alert a different person. I thought that was it. No, not quite.

Now, ever time I make a transaction within my account I get a phone call stating "suspected fraud" I thought the last person I

spoke with had removed the limited status on my account, now it looks like I have to call back for the 4th time to find a

"competent" Paypal rep. who can actually do their job.

Now, I appreciate the alert, but this is ridiculous. Every time I call, it takes countless minutes on hold, usually up to 30 minutes,

then try to explain what the Hell is going to yet another person. I'm losing patience here. Anyone know how to do their job at Paypal?

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