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Is PayPal in the "business" of unlawful and unauthorized transaction(s) and/or withdrawal(s)?

Is PayPal in the "business" of unlawful and unauthorized transaction(s) and/or withdrawal(s)?

I fully realize that inquiring multiple times by both email and telephone is oftentimes perceived as not doing my part to solve an issue in a timely and efficient manner. If my doing so has been at fault please show me how better to conduct myself to your satisfaction and also how best to get the answer(s) to my inquiries.


Over the last 3 weeks my opinion of your company has decidedly gone down into the negative in solidarity with my bank account balance. I sent 2 payments that I had to cancel because I learned the seller was not offering what I was expecting to purchase. I also cancelled a payment that I had sent as an extension of help to a stranger that I learned, within minutes after sending, was a fake person - a total scam right from the start - and I let PayPal know this and cancelled that transaction. 


Here is my favorite part: After these transactions were cancelled they said "Returned" on the ONE of the transactions where the seller was not selling the exact product I was shopping for and "Returned" on the transaction I reported as a SCAM and on the third transaction where the seller was not selling the exact product I was shopping for the status is "CancelledHOWEVER  all of these transactions were published through my bank, withdrawn from my account and even after being cancelled the funds for these three transactions was acquired by PayPal and after quite some time has not been explained, owned up to, remunerated or returned - stolen.


Subsequently because of these unauthorized "payments" to PayPal the bank account went into a negative balance and accrued over $100 in NSF fees. Fees that should NOT even be there because the transactions were cancelled and apparently returned to my PayPal balance which is simply a LIE.


I have all the documents, photographs, screenshots and witnesses to fortify my position and all PayPal has are the facts that they made a "mistake" and are unwilling to make it right and uncaring that what they have done is illegal.


I have contacted by email with NO resolution. I attempt to gain more insight by starting a resolution center claim and I am met with "oops, our bad, please start again" and when I phone after sitting on hold for what seems an eternity I spoke with people that understood both my confusion and my anger and yet STILL not one single reply in any way apologizing for their "mistake" or letting me know of reparations that I can be expecting in regards to these three aforementioned transactions.


So, among my obvious questions and queries there exists a a few that stand out as major in deciding whether or not I have to actually now go to the extra expense and effort of hiring legal counsel to sort this out.


Why did Paypal take unauthorized monies from my bank account after transactions were cancelled?


Why does one transaction status say one thing and the other two another different thing when all three were cancelled by myself?


Why does the status say that the money has already been returned to my PayPal balance when that is a complete and total lie?


When will I be receiving MY money back that you took from me?


Am I supposed to be financially on-the-hook for the fees that were incurred by your unauthorized transactions on my bank account? 


Is the very construction of the sentence "We are sorry to see what has been done and we will be fixing our mistake right away" filed under misunderstood or is it something else with it that makes it impossible for anyone at PayPal to say?


I will, like I have for 2 weeks, await your reply.

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Re: Is PayPal in the "business" of unlawful and unauthorized transaction(s) and/or withdra



When you cancel a payment those funds can't do a u-turn > they have to process through to paypal who will then either return them to your funding source (if you paid with a debit or credit card), or credit your paypal balance (if it was funded from your balance or instant bank transfer), but that takes a few days and sometimes up to a week.

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