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How can I view tracking from summary page now its been removed


How can I view tracking from summary page now its been removed

Paypal took away in their new interface update a way to view the tracking at a glance as per classic summary page. Paypal developers replaced the tracking field with 'completed'. This is not essential at a glance and they simply need to link the tracking info listed over to the field box where 'completed' now appears. This is what we saw before and this vital information helped us sellers keep clear track of sent items or not.


Just spent 2 years sending requests to Paypal developers and Paypal management. No one seems to understand how important it is to keep track of what is and is not sent out. Paypal use to just revert us back to the classic summary page only so we could still use this vital tool. Now they refuse to do this?


I have sent many reports of the failure to provide the functionally at a glance 'Tracking Updates' as we the seller update this info. We must drill into each single page to find the update and it is easy to over look a sale being posted as we have no way to see what has been sent or not in an overview.


Has anyone else contact the developers over this matter. Love to hear from you.


Re: How can I view tracking from summary page now its been removed

Yes, id also love to hear why PayPal have removed the buyers email address this is vital to any seller to send tracking info to an email address for any item that is purchased. We all know that Ebay and PayPal are both trying to stop transactions being carried out outside of them. But this is something that has been overlooked. I know cannot message a buyer in Ebay for there email address as it will be blocked i have no way of adding tracking info if there email address doesnt show up in the transaction. This is a joke causing me delays headaches etc. Are you that stupid as not to realise what youve done?


How can I view tracking from summary page now its been removed



Anyone affect by this oversight?- no way to see tracking info at a glance any longer. Please contact the Paypal developer team. This is the only way they will consider a fix in the next update. Here is what Paypal say to contact developers:


I am sorry for the inconvenience which has been caused. In order to raise a ticket follow the instructions below:

  1. On the page which we directed you to, Click Contact Support at the bottom.
  2. Login with your PayPal account by clicking the PayPal Logo.
  3. Fill in the requested information with the red *.
  4. Submit your ticket.

Once the ticket is open please follow these steps. (you will receive email responses)

Please visit

  • Click login (in the top right hand corner)
  • Click "Log in with PayPal"

This will show all responses from MTS just incase there has been a update that has not come through to your email.

Please follow these steps to open a new ticket to our developers.

  • Please go to this website
  • Please click Customer support
  • Fill in all the required boxes with as much information as possible (the more information given the easier it is for our teams to resolve)

The main boxes that must be filled in are Product, severity and environment also please put the email address that is used to log into the account where it says "PayPal Account"

Once this has been filled in our MTS team will be in contact with you as they can.