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Just wanted to praise Curtis (1630244) and let management know he was helpful, friendly, a quick thinker, and resolved my issue and substantially quicker than I thought. I got transferred to him from customer service (whomever the first set of calls go to) and they were not able to help me verify my email as her computer was having technical difficulties. Probably similar difficulties I was having as my email links were not working. I'm guessing Curtis encountered the same issue as there was a brief pause; he quickly thought of a different solution to allow me to verify my email to allow me full access to my account. 


I wanted to speak to a manager directly but he explained it might be a long wait. I asked if there was a way to have them call or email me and he suggested [removed] (their own links aren't allowed). I was directed here so I hope this gets through to the correct people.


It was worth the wait just wish he was who I got to begin with. Thanks for having great people like Curtis onboard!

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Hi @B3achF13nd,


Thank you so much for your wonderful words about Curtis! I will be happy to make Curtis' day by passing this feedback along!




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