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I really hope this feedback finds its way to someone who takes it seriously, since I am actually upset enough to write to you. I haven't used Paypal for anything in years because it has been a terrible experience every time.
A few things to work on:
-Website security checks interrupt half of what you try to do, then you have to re-enter info, then get another security check.
-Updating phone number took me 20 mins and a call. (which is even worse on Venmo, FYI)
-Automated call system is trying to minimize workload on your call center so heavily it's essentially useless.
-Automated call system does nothing but verify account balance instead of actually help with account issues.
-Customer Support was unable to manually add account link even after I gave full bank info to the automated system.

PS: I have held CIO, PM, SaaS QA, and ITS positions, take this as free feedback that you'd normally have to pay over 200/hr for. So annoyed. Fire your Customer Experience execs.

PSS: Couldn't even get the "Send Email" button on your Contact Us form to work. TERRIBLE.

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Re: Feedback



You in the United States?

were you on the phone (APP)?

or on a (COMPUTER)? when trying to do anything with Paypal.

were you on a Fast internet?

or on a phone internet provider?


sorry you had a terrible experience friend.

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Re: Feedback



You in the United States? Yes.

were you on the phone (APP)? Yes.

or on a (COMPUTER)? when trying to do anything with Paypal. Yes.

were you on a Fast internet? 200+mbps

or on a phone internet provider? No, but I have a Galaxy S9 w/ 4G LTE (3 bars) so that wouldn't have been a factor anyway.


Terrible experience. I am used to systematically eliminating methods that waste my time.

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Re: Feedback



ok my next question is did you clear all of your Pc/Phone (CATCH)? so you can re log back in everything Email,Paypal account etc etc.

did you call your (BANK)? to find out if they are (PAYPAL FRIENDLY) Not all Banks are Paypal friendly I notice that.


did you sign up with a (Paypal Bank card)? they have there own


let me know friend & I understand your frustration some people are not so lucky. 

I seem to have Good Karma with Paypal some people are not. 

sorry to hear of your bad Karma friend.