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Don't Bother Posting


Don't Bother Posting

Don't bother posting here. PayPal will send someone to "reply."  And when you've intellectually creased and folded them and slid them onto a shelf? They'll mark your problem "solved," and shut it down.  One could easily infer that PayPal will not entertain any criticism, no matter how accurate.

As for "Esteemed Advisors," when their little tushies gets hurt, they should try not to lash out with personal details of customers' transactions. Dangerous business, that. Also, telling a customer that their problems are their own fault because they were fool enough to trust PayPal to do what they say ... uh, yeah, probably not what the bosses intended.  But I get it.  In the absence of a viable argument, get a little personal, and then end the discussion. Odd for such a large enterprise, but there are more things, Horatio ... oh, never mind.

As for average customers thinking of using the "community help"? DON'T BOTHER.  Dollars before dignity, and income over integrity is my opinion of the appearance of the PayPal response. PayPal won't help you!