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Class action lawsuit against PayPal


Re: Class action lawsuit against PayPal

You still have my account locked even though I fully complied with ALL you asked me to of today, I will seek legal action. There is NO EXCUSE to freeze the account of a client who has been loyal to you since your company began with NO WARNING. I was first told the "review" would take 24-48 hours; I was then told 7-14 days; last I was told 180+ days or more. I have filed a complaint with the FTC and my state attorney general's office and am consulting with a class action lawyer today. Enough is enough.


Re: Class action lawsuit against PayPal

Let me know what happens, I'd be interested in joining you and I'm sure many other here would as well. They locked both my mother's and mine for 180 days too. No warning or anything just as you had. Reported them to the BBB and PayPal replied with exactly what a supervisor told me on the agreed to our terms and policies. It's ridiculous! I also wrote my state reps., still waiting to hear back on that. I've also heard that they earn interest of our money during that 180 days which I'm not surprised! Sickening that a company who's already been sued for this practice can still do this!

Re: Class action lawsuit against PayPal

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Re: Class action lawsuit against PayPal

I want to also sue They have 836$ of mine I have :hundred_points: % seller feedback and was even told by paypal to continue as normal and they will have things taken care of in 72 hours well none the less that did not happen and they stole my money without reason not a single case open on me nothing They did it out of spite because I was angry and telling them they are wrong for holding my available money Anyways it’s theft and I want to sue please sign me up contact me I want to join this law suit They have a cover up to run you around and waste your time . Front line desk agents made to only tell you nothing and back desk office who makes judgement and then they will not tell you anything except to write a paper letter to the security office It’s a cover up to hold money longer . It is a scam Paypal has been compromised and now is resorting into scamming holds onto accounts and collecting huge numbers from clients then collecting interest on these seized accounts. That’s fraud. They also provide no explanation in most cases . As in mine they have no explanation. Just a big fu to me. And I payed them a fee

Re: Class action lawsuit against PayPal

IMO (based on having an active Paypal account for about 18 years...yes, eighteen=almost 2 decades..

Paypal is likely the most fraudulent, poorly managed large "financial" company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.

Recently (past year or so) Paypal's horrific customer service (Lack Of!),

has reached a level of severity, I can no longer ignore.

Problem is when I research online, for what is next level for my complaints, I'm brought to useless (google) pages that seem sponsored by Paypal, themselves!

---> Anybody know what the next level for a formal complaint AGAINST PAYPAL COMPANY is, for fraudulent practices (yes, stealing and using our money interest free,

in addition to several other deceptive and anti-consumer practices)...??

Mastercard, FTC, Consumer Affairs? 

The simple fact that Paypal is NOT a bank, and is NOT monitored or held to widely accepted practices + laws, for banks and credit card companies, is a red flag I should not have ignored for so many years.  


(I'll post more details on the specific issues/problems I have against Paypal later).

A shame, I was unable to locate this type of information here, all by myself - Other than obvious, Paypal themselves block or hide those kinda posts - to make it more difficult for people like me to formally report THEM= Sad 😞  But, I will not give up...


Because, if Paypal wants to pretend to be like a BANK / credit union/ loan processor /merchant account, credit/debit card issuer etc.

I AND YOU SHOULD EXPECT THEM TO BEHAVE (responsibly + honestly), just like all I mentioned, almost always do, (WITH OUR MONEY).

Example: My bank + credit union only allows debit Mastercard holds to remain for only 2 days...But,

Paypal now states we must allow 30 days for a hold (e.g. refundable hotel deposit) to be released!

The hotels say they settled bill and released it, and Paypal says they will not release my $ (for 30 days!)= Scammy. Likely also fraudulent. (Keeping my money on a deposit that was settled/completed/refundable. I even a couple of times did 3 way call with merchants accounting dept. and Paypal, where they clearly instructed Paypal to release the funds,

even faxed Paypal's required form for release, and Paypal STILL HELD THE MONEY for WEEKS!!!


MULTIPLE other examples of Paypal's fraudulent use and handling of our money,

both as a long term seller, buyer and (Paypal) debit cardholder,

I'll add later.