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The most dangerous opponents of free speech in America today are mainstream journalists and social media companies, and the irony should be lost on no one. They are a clear and present danger to every man, woman, and child in this nation. Facebook, Twitter, and Google are the most egregious, coming out as top villains.  Now PayPal and other online financial services are jumping on the fascist train.  PayPal, continuing with your anti-American, anti-human actions is disgusting. You have turned into the scum-of-the-earth. Stop now, you Stallinest wanna-bees.

Facebook, Twitter, Google, and PayPal are beyond mere private companies. Their fascist actions have dire consequences for those they turn against. Shutting down President Trump is truly a fascist move.
If Facebook, Twitter, Google, or PayPal silences me, it's no biggy because I don't move and shake this world. But President Trump and his administration do. Facebook, Twitter, and Google (includes YouTube) are fascists who truly believe they should run the world. Turn around, PayPal. Become a good guy instead of the world-wide oppressive evil that you are at this moment.
You tell people who you can follow, who you can hear, what you can say...what you should think, from whom you can or sell. You punish people for not thinking correctly according to your will. Are you not savvy enough to understand what that really means to you, to We The People, and to the rest of the world? Turn back before it's too late.
In the meantime, I will no longer accept PayPal payments, nor will I use PayPal to purchase anything.  

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