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Anyone else sick of this "new password" BS?


Anyone else sick of this "new password" BS?


My life was fine. My password I used to use everywhere was fine. Oh, but "We here at Paypal take account security very seriously". So thanks for continuing to **bleep** w/ me over passwords I can never F. remember. 


Remember the good ol' days, when on the off chance you didn't remember your password... when you said, "Hey, email me my password" & you just got it, & that was it? Now, no, no no. "We'll send you a code to a link to generate a NEW password that needs 8 letters, 3 numbers, two signs of the Zodiac, three Chinese characters, and a haiku". 


So, you **bleep** w/ this idiocy until EVERY new password is something I ended up slapping together simply to get your loser flubsite to just take it and hurry the H. up, and of course, the next time I try to log in, I forget NOW you have to have a "symbol" and 50 attempts and 5000 cusswords later, I give up and now have to # around and # around to generate a NEW password I'm guaranteed to remember even less. 


What a masterstroke. God forbid I could just keep the password that worked just fine, and Paypal did not **bleep** with me "to serve me better". 

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Re: Anyone else sick of this "new password" BS?


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