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Adding insult to injury - PayPal communication needs improvement


Adding insult to injury - PayPal communication needs improvement

Just posting this snippet from the e-mail I received yesterday about the Canadian debit card I have being 'cancelled'.


Here's what PayPal had to say:


We've received your request to close a PayPal Business Debit Mastercard® tied to your account. There are several possible reasons this card may have been closed, including: 

  • You reported your card lost or stolen
  • You recently activated a replacement card
  • A replacement card with a new card number was sent but never activated

If you believe this action was done in error, please contact us as soon as possible at 1-866-888-6080


Re: Adding insult to injury - PayPal communication needs improvement

So, apparently, as per the e-mail, I had requested the card to be cancelled.


I did call. The number I called couldn't help and had to transfer me to a different department. Then they got on this line and advised what really went down. And since I didn't receive the original e-mail in March, this was total news to me.


And the e-mail announcing that the card was cancelled was pretty aggravating and WASTED my time on hold trying to get to the bottom of things.


I thanked the person on the phone on PayPal's behalf - for finding yet ANOTHER way to make sure they lose my business.


Probably close to $20,000 in PayPal fees paid since joining.


Glad the marketplace has responded with a plethora of other options!




And yes, I will be contacting a federal ombudsman in Ottawa to see if they can handle a complaint against PayPal. It's time for some consumer rights to come first over corporate greed.