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reactive my pre-approved My pre-approved payments


reactive my pre-approved My pre-approved payments

One of our subscribers has been on a monthly subscription plan. At some stage, he cancelled his subscription and no more payments were made. Several months later, this former subscriber has indicated his interest to become a subscriber again but is not keen to start the whole sign-up procedure again.


Is there a way to re-activate the subscription account, allowing him to pay again thru PayPal?


Re: reactive my pre-approved My pre-approved payments

Hi Royalgemsus, 


Welcome and thank you for posting your question here. 

I am afraid that it will not be possible to re-activate the old subscription. When a subscription is cancelled the agreement that you had set up is cancelled too and no longer valid. In order to set this agreement up again the subscription will have to be set up again as well. I can understand that this is not the faster way but due to legal rules everything has to be set up and accepted again by your subscriber. 


I hope this information helps.