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XXXXXXXXX took my money,

New Community Member

XXXXXXXXX took my money,

I logged onto my email account today to find that someone had made a transaction with my account that I did not authorise. It was toXXXXXXX for $50, recurring every week. I have managed to stop the recurring billing on the same day but my money was still taken without my consent, is there any way to get the money back?




Re: XXXXXXXXX took my money,

Hi Pixelmoose, 


I have edited your post as our guidelines do not allow personal information or company information to be posted. I can see you are new to our Community Forum so I have edited this on your behalf Smiley Happy


If a payment has been sent using your PayPal account that you have not authorised please go to your Resolution Centre to report this as an unauthorised transaction. 


To do this please click on your Resolution Centre and then click on Report a Problem. You will then be guided through how to open your claim. 


I hope this helps and thanks for your post.