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Invoice and 0% tax display

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I can't get an invoice that I have created as a template to display the tax rate in the invoice when I set it to 0. Basically my invoices are sent to a tax free zone but the country I am in and sending the invoice from has regulation that require the display of the tax rate even if it is set at 0. I have set up a new tax rate called IVA and set this to '0' and although this displays when creating the invoice when I preview it and send it there is no tax rate column - just the total figure. 


I have checked settings etc to ensure various areas are set to display but I still cannot get it to show. 


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance





Invoice and 0% tax display


Hey Awilson3rd.

Thanks for reaching out to us in regards to this.

I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties when trying to create an invoice through your account.

You can add tax information in two ways:
1. Select Add tax from the Tax or Tax on shipping drop down lists when you create an invoice.
2. Add a tax in the Tax information page in Invoice Settings. You can add up to 10 tax percentages to use in invoices.

I hope this helps.

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