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Charity fees


KSMRT, I really sympathise.


Trying to navigate the labyrinth that is setting up a charity PayPal account.


There seems to be such a deliberate lack of helpful information, it's almost as though PayPal don't want anyone on lower rates.


I suppose it's because it's probably been designed by people who have never set up a charity before, and have therefore never had to go through the process. 


Fingers crossed we get there in the end. Unless anyone can suggest an alternative online payment method which is friendly to charities?


PayPal - never underestimate the usefulness of a short video tutorial. I know you like using them for flashy aspirational living clips about New Money, but perhaps rein it back in a little and create some informative walk-throughs. 

Charity fees


Hi Kasubi,

Thanks for posting in the forum. I am sorry to hear about the difficulties experienced while setting up an account for your charity organization.  Your feedback will be passed on to ensure that the process is clearer for our customers.  You can find more information and contact details in the following link:



Charity fees


Is it still the case that Paypal will only accept charities that are registered with the charity commission not that have charitable status or has this changed since the earlier posts, also do you have a business support email to send the documents too ?

Many thanks

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