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Shipping funds held?

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Shipping funds held?

Hello my fellow frustrated Paypal'ers,

   Has this happened to you?


You sold an item!

You charged shipping!

You "attempted" to print a label,

BUT YOU CAN'T!!!   Man Mad


No available funds???

They can't hold the shipping funds too..... or can they?


I charged $7.99 shipping, for an item I sold on eBay, and was denied the label after attempting to make one SEVERAL TIMES!!! The FLAWED SYSTEM charged my debit card instead of taking the shipping cost PAID BY THE BUYER and applying IT to the shipping label.


   I have $100 or so in my Paypal account and every bit of it is being held ALTHOUGH my buyers have ALL RECEIVED THEIR ITEMS DAYS AGO!!!!!!! (except for the poor guy/gal who has to wait an extra day for HIS item because the system is BROKEN and isn't being fixed!!! <~~I LOVE CAPS & EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!!!! ARGHHHHHH!!!!!!!


   Please tell me this is temporary and that the proper people will be taking their heads out of their respective arses SOON??? I printed about 6 or 7 labels (for different buyers, NOT the same label) before I realized that the charges for those labels were NOT coming from Paypal but from my personal bank account. GUESS WHAT HAPPENED???????

                                       NOTHING....... because I've had so much experience with banks "taking it to me and not even saying Thank You" that I set up my new account ONLY FOR USE BY PAYPAL & EBAY and then strictly setting the account so that I could NOT bounce a single transaction. HOWEVER, This angers me VERY much because I know that there are many, MANY people out there who have not done so with their respective accounts and have in turn paid a SERIOUS price for this ERROR by eBay & Paypal.


   I'm new to this community and set my username as "RageAgainstDaPC" because of the numerous times I've had to sit still and take a barage of BS from various "Customer Service" agents who DON'T listen to you, treat you LIKE A CROOK, and are as helpful as a BEE STING IN THE FACE!!!!!!!


   I tell my buyers that I ship the VERY same day as they pay....... MY CAR IS BROKEN!!!!!!! The nearest post office is 4 miles away....... uh....... I'm sending an email.

   Please share your shipping blunder story with me so I don't feel alone with this issue! Oh, don't comment unless you are having this very issue so that we stay on topic! Thanks for letting me vent, good luck, and to Paypal & eBay? FIX IT!!!!!!!

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Re: Shipping funds held?

I used to have the exact same problem until they stoped holing my funds. They took money from a debt card account I had on there numerous times and before long I was OVERDRAWN and owing the bank $145 for overdraft fees because paypal didnt even alert me they took it from the account.

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Re: Shipping funds held?

I read the fine print and it says that paypal will make shipping funds available once a payment is made and then days after the buyer receives the item, they will release the remainder (after they take theirs). I don't have money to ship my items and they need insurance as well. I cant get access to my funds so i had to borrow money from someone when I can see that I have $350.00 sitting in my paypal account. I have has 15 successful sales previously totaling close to $700.00 and have never had my funds held before. This is extremely frustrating because I know they are going to wack me if i try to put it in my bank account from pyapal but they are holding it so long anything I might need through ebay I will have to pay in cash in the meantime so they can rip me off more when they do finally release it and I no longer need anything to do with paypal for purchases.

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Re: Shipping funds held?

the same happens to me my debt card account was overdraft and i knew it when the bank send me a letter. I check my ebay and they charge me all my daughter ebay shipping charges of the month.( she has her paypal acc) plus mine so you can imaging i tryed to contact them an open a dispute and you know what they did, NOTHING. My daughter has her ebay account and they pay her but charge to me.


Re: Shipping funds held?

Same here! Only i can't even print a single label because i keep getting an error message everytime i try to add the UPS account to paypal. My ebay customer is wating on his purchase and PAYPAL has already taken their fees out of the funds for the item i sold, but yet can't even provide the service they are suppose to provide so i can print a label to ship! Now i'm going to have to go today to the UPS store and pay for it to be shipped myself! BS!!!!


Re: Shipping funds held?

This is the most bass ackward policy I've ever sen in my life.
It confused the **bleep** out of me, because if you read the holds policy FAQ, it states:


If you print labels and pay for shipping through PayPal or eBay, the cost of shipping will be released from your pending balance shortly after purchase. Printing labels on eBay and PayPal is free. You're charged only the cost of shipping. 


So, here's how it has to be done...

1.) Pay for a shipping label directly through ebay or paypal

2.) It will use your "primary" funding source to fund the payment for the shipping label

3.) One would think (logically), that it would take the funds directly from the "held" payment you just received from the buyer, but it does NOT 

4.) The funding source for the shipping label will be taken from the "next in line" source in your paypal settings; or in my case, an instant transfer from my bank account. 


This is where things get F'ed up.  I have a specific bank account that I use just for paypal and ebay (both buying and selling; this seems to be the case for a lot of people, they set up a separate bank account specifically for ebay and paypal), and I don't use paypal or ebay that often; so basically a majority of the time, the bank account's balance is ZERO.  Hence overdraft fees.


5.) A few minutes after the label is purchased, the exact amount of funds taken from the "other source" previously will be released from the "held" payment.


You are free to take this and (right away) transfer guessed it, to your bank account.

This is the part I didn't understand...what's the point? 


Also since technically the instant transfer from your bank to pay for the label happens "first" in this whole godforsaken ridiculous monstrosity of a procedure, your bank can still charge you an overdraft fee, even if you transfer the money from the held payment back right afterwords.


So I ask again, what the heck is the purpose of this?

Why not just take the shipping charges right from the held payment in the first place?


The wording of the FAQ is also very vague and it does not adequately outline the exact procedure that happens when you have to pay for shipping and your entire paypal account balance is placed in a hold.


On a side note, I really hope some government, federal, local, state, whatever -- has the balls to take on paypal and shut them down for good...even if it's just in a specific area where using paypal would be made illegal.  That would seriously make my day.


Oh and also, if you need help understanding this, do NOT call their support.  The guy I talked to was named "mohammed" and he spoke NO ENGLISH WHATSOEVER.  Nice to know that all those fees I get charged are going to fund some great customer service reps in india who get paid 45 cents an hour.


*Waits for moderator to tell me that if I don't like the policies, I'm welcome to leave*


The problem is that ebay won't allow google checkout to be used!

So where else am I supposed to go?


I really hate big government getting involved, but someone needs to do something about this.

How many people were charged overdraft fees by their bank because they didn't understand how to pay for a shipping label properly?