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Package undeliverable as addressed...

I sent the package with DC and Signature confirmation, if the person refused delivery would tracking say "Undeliverable as Addressed"? I'm having issues with this person. I asked if the address was correct and she said yes so I told her to message it to me again just incase I had wrote it down wrong. I also asked for $6 to reship the item so I am not out $12 shipping for something I am trying to return to her. She told me to take it to the PO and they would fix it and not charge me shipping again. Is that correct? I always thought you had to pay shipping again if something was returned.

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Re: Package undeliverable as addressed...

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I have the same situation with a wrong shipping address out of PayPal, by the buyer.  So far, so good, my buyer is cooperative at this point.  In an attempt to help my buyer I inquired at the post office about this situation and the possibility of the address being corrected and re-shipped.  I was told that it must be paid for again.  I advised my buyer and am awaiting a response, hoping things don't fall apart at this point.

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Re: Package undeliverable as addressed...

Hi dwanie411 and ramiron,


I checked on, and they define it as follows:


undeliverable as addressed (UAA) - Mail that the USPS cannot deliver as addressed and must forward to the addressee, return to the sender, or send to a mail recovery center.


The USPS will charge shipping fees even when the package is returned as undeliverable, and they will charge for resending the package as well.


 I hope this helps clarify.


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