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No UPS label image

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Re: No UPS label image

Hi I tried to print a shipping label from both eaby and paypal yesterday and both failed.  I voided both labels and went to the post office to ship.


I have an HP all in one printer and VISTA.  In researching the blogs,  I don't seem to have smart web printing installed at all.  I can see the image, but when sending to the printer,  neither the test or real label prints. 


Yesterday,  I was getting blank pages from both pay pal and ebay.  Today (I did not shut the computer down) they print! 


Is there a test environment where we can see if our combinations actually work, 


By the way,  I've been shipping without incident throughout the summer - what happened?






Re: No UPS label image

I had a couple pop up that would not print but after a few refreshes, they did finally comp up and print.


I think paypal has a bandwidth problem occassionally and just does not want to admit it.


It is a shame that something that normally works so good get messed up occassionally (I hope it is just occassionally)


Re: No UPS label image

bugsy6911 - Welcome to the forums! If Smart Web printing is disabled in your browser settings (that's where it would show) and you are still having blank label pages, it is likely an issue with Java. I think my home computer prompted me for a Java update recently. Some recent versions of Java have had incompatibilities for some customers (it seems so arbitrary, but there's a complex web of programs and settings on everyone's computer, and each is very different from the next). If the problem only began recently and the only thing different is a more recent version of Java, you can try reverting back to an older version of Java and see if that helps.


LifestyleSports - I'm sorry you're having intermittent issues. I wouldn't say that it's a bandwidth problem, but sometimes on the internet, with any site, with any internet service provider, there are hiccups in communication that cause pages not to load properly. If it's happening that rarely, that may be the issue. If it's happening  more frequently, it may be a settings conflict or incompatibility somewhere. I've seen conflicts/incompatibilities cause intermittent issues in all kinds of technical situations, not just PayPal printing.


I hope this helps!





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