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NO, you do not need Signature Confirmation with Express Mail! (Seller Protection)


NO, you do not need Signature Confirmation with Express Mail! (Seller Protection)

If I can save one person from the headache of simply trying to make sense of "Signature Confirmation" using "Express Mail" and "Seller Protection" (without having to scour endless so-called "help" pages and deal with Sarah the customer service dolt-bot), I have earned some karma points.


I assumed that using USPS Overnight "Express Mail" delivery would include "Signature Confirmation", however, as you know (or you probably would not be reading this) when printing a label on PayPal, adding the signature confirmation service to express mail is not an option.  The way form is worded, you are basically being told you are not covered by "Seller Protection" if you don't buy it. (So, you no longer assume it's included, and have no clue how to add it!) If they simply state on the form that if you choose Express Mail, the customer must sign for the package, then the stress and worry would be gone.


The most annoying part of all this is inept and/or lack of customer service. Several emails and calls to PayPal left me less than impressed because they ALL told me that I would not be covered with the transaction ID I provided, and/or I must physically go to the post office if I want to add "signature confirmation" to my "express mail" item. (Seriously!) If I am able to add this service to any other shipping method on the form, why is this any different? (Once again, in the back of my head, thinking it should already be included.) I am livid that 0 people on the PayPal and eBay side of this fence know nothing about the fact that the signature confirmation service is automatically included.  The lack of or misguided information given makes you worry that maybe something has changed at the post office. 


I called USPS, spoke with a Supervisor, made him repeat it over and over again in every scenario, and the short story is that the receiver MUST sign for the package if you use overnight "Express Mail" -- OR, you may choose to "Wave" the signature, and only when you choose to wave the signature would you be at risk of losing "seller protection".


When printing a label in PayPal, and Express Mail is chosen,

there MUST be text next to the unavailable option that says:


Email PayPal, and tell them to add that statement,

and make it clear on their so-called "help" pages.  


I voided the label that customer service said would not be covered by "seller protection", which means I have $32.00 that I will have to wait 15-20 days for, just to get a refund from the post office!  And, of course, I then created the same exact label, so the buyer was sent two tracking numbers, and then I have to explain to the buyer which one is correct, and why there was two. 


When you do use Express Mail, and your tracking number is created, go directly to:

then enter the number, and choose the two options below the search result. You can get an email alerting you when it has arrived, and you can also opt to get a copy of the actual signature emailed, faxed, or postally sent to you free of charge. (Only free for Express Mail)



Have a swell day.