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Java Applet Not Loading in Paypal Shipping with International Labels Only (NOT LOADED)

For the past few weeks it seems every time I need to print an International shipping label with paypal shipping the first one with work great and then any following labels will not load. If I try to reprint them they usually will not load. If I restart my computer or try using Safari vs. Firefox it will sometimes work. It is really frustrating since I can not figure out why this is a problem and a way around it other than turning my computer off and on a bunch of times and trying differerent browsers. I have a MAC with OSX and usually and running this in Firefox, but have experienced the same problem with Safari. Domestiic labels work fine, but I use the multi order shipping tool when printing them, not individually printing like you have to use with International labels. Anyone experiencing the same thing? Have any ideas how to fix it?


-Matt 3/2/11


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Re: Java Applet Not Loading in Paypal Shipping with International Labels Only (NOT LOADED)

Hi, I am on HOLD waiting for paypal rep to come on th phone as I write this.  The problem is my computer has a java auto update.  Version 6 Update #21 was working fine.  Then java updated with version 22 and I could not print my international labels any longer.  I talked to paypal rep before and he helped me get rid of bad java version, and install old Version 21.   Unfortunately, I could not stop java updater from messing things up again.   Today, I did eveything I could to get rid of java 22 and was finally successful.  But, upon downloading the newest version #24, ( I couldn't find #21) I now have an Internal Error 2753. regutils.dll.   I searched for this on java websie but no luck finding out what it is.  This is not a lot of help to you, but at least you know it is a java problem.  I don't know if Pitney Bowes likes the new java version 24 or not.  I can't get it to install.

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