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First Class International Shipping


Re: First Class International Shipping (for non-ebay items, and Regional Rate too!)

Was very happy to read your topic.  As an etsy seller who sells a lot of items to Canada it was so frustrating to either stand in line for ages at the PO or pay the International Priority or Express rates, which are totally unrealistic for some buttons, craft supplies or yarn.  So I was so happy when they let us use the ebay for a few months, and absolutely brokenhearted when they snatched it back.  Bad paypal....I would like to write paypal a note to tell them please, please give it back to us none ebay users. 


Meanwhile, I keep all my paypal sale confirmations, so maybe I will try that changing information thiing and hopefully we will be soon be part of the "in crowd".  Thanks for the tips.  If they get upset at least they will know why we have to restort to it.