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First Class International Shipping


Re: First Class International Shipping

Wow, I got the new page last week, and wasn't overly impressed with anything but the international first class. I sell only vintage jewelry, and mostly on etsy, and I sell quite a bit overseas. I, too, really need this option! My stuff is all sent in padded mailers, and rarely is it over 4-5 ounces, so first class is perfect. No one wants to buy a $15 item and have to pay $25 to ship it. And going to the post office is a pain. My carrier will pick up the international, if I leave money in the box with it, but I'd rather print it all at home.


If they would do the merger AND give people a tutorial, then people wouldn't freak out. It's just that when you don't get what you expected when you click, it isn't fun - especially if you are in a hurry.

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Re: First Class International Shipping

I'm with everyone else on this.....First Class International is a MUST for those of us that sell low cost items.  I too was able to use the First Class International for a couple of days and then nothing!!


I have quit shipping international now because it requires a trip to the post office and I do not have transportation.  It's getting toooo cold to walk the 2 miles to the post office everyday!!


It's a loss of revenue for everyone concerned....paypal, etsy and the post office!!


We want and need this option back!



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Re: First Class International Shipping

I used to be able to print International First Class packages, but now I don't have that option anymore. It keeps flip-flopping from the old platform, to the new, then back again. What's going on?

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Re: First Class International Shipping

I figured out how to print International First Class Mail (finally!!) I had to go directly through eBay. I went to "My eBay" Then go to the item you sold. To the right, under "Actions" says "Print Shipping Label" Then it automatically brings up the New Shipping Form label. Just make sure that all of the info is correct, then continue to customs form. After you fill that out, click on "Pay and Print" You should get a pop up with your label, then print it. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: First Class International Shipping

Yes you can print ebay first class international sales directly on the ebay site, but as others have noted its the other venues such as Etsy, etc that we need the first class international option on paypal.   I had it for an option for two days and loved it - BRING IT BACK PAYPAL!

Re: First Class International Shipping & Regional Rate Shipping

Let me pile on.

Definitely need to have First Class Int'l and Priority Mail Regional Rate available (again).

This is about 25% of my business!


Does Paypal even look at these community boards?


You can't even do FC Int'l at!
No wonder they're about to go belly up.

Re: First Class International Shipping & Regional Rate Shipping

They obviously do NOT read these as there have been hundreds of comments about this in several different conversations and they still haven't gotten the hint (that or PayPal is just so da** big that they don't give a sh** about their customer's requests, a scenario I find much more likely since I've ALWAYS had customer service issues with paypal. When it works great, GREAT! When it doesn't, too bad...


Re: First Class International Shipping

I logged in a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised to be able to ship my international packages with First Class International!  I found it easy to use and my packages shipped outwith no problems.  PLEASE PAYPAL!!!! Bring this BACK!!!! Smiley Sad


Re: First Class International Shipping

I'm desperate to have it back, too! It's so unprofessional to yank an important feature like this without any warning or explanation (much less an ETA of returning the functionality)...a little communication goes a long way, PayPal!


In the meantime, I've downloaded an app from called "Shipping Assistant" which at least will print out the customs forms/shipping labels...but I don't have a postage meter, so it just calculates the postage and I either use stamps, or take it to the PO...


Bring back the eBay shipping interface so we can have International First Class, please!


Re: First Class International Shipping (for non-ebay items, and Regional Rate too!)

Here's a workaround until Paypal (hopefully) brings the new shipping interface back.

This works for both First Class International and Priority Mail Regional Rate.

Using ebay for printing the item's shipping label has already been mentioned.

But what about items NOT sold on ebay?


Answer:  ebay will also let you print additional labels for already shipped items.  You need to edit the shipping details just before you pay, but it works nonetheless.  Just make sure that you update everything:  name, address, weight, description, etc.  Keep in mind that email notifications will go out to the original buyers of these multi-labeled items, so you may wish to 'buy' something on your ebay account from a friendly customer (e.g. a 2nd account).  Then just keep adding label after label to this item.

Still not the greatest, but at least it saves a trip to the post office and about $15 per order for me.

Good luck to you!