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Instant Transfer Not Available?

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Instant Transfer Not Available?

I have sent money a few times in the last few days and suddenly the instant transfer option is no longer available. I can do an e-check from the same account but why is instant transfer no longer an option?

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Re: Instant Transfer Not Available?

Im In the same boat. Trying To figure This Out .  Any Luck??


Re: Instant Transfer Not Available?

Hi verhyder and Boostedhatch,




There's an answer posted here that will help you out:



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its just how paypal doesnt work

they have a tendency to let their "top secret security program" algorithm unnecessarily flag peoples account for no good reason. one day youre making instant tranfers, the next day the "security program" has decided instant transfers are too risky for your account. (unless of course youre paying ur paypal fees) leaving you the option to transfer money from your confirmed bank acocunt to your paypal account, or send an e-check.

there is no good reason for it. it just happens. and if you think appealing to any kind of support will be of assistance, you will be disappointed to hear over and over again that "the security program has identified that the transaction is unable to be secured", and that there is no ability to override this. there is nothing about your acocunt that you did, and nothing about the seller's account. there is no problem to be fixed. it is just the "security program". oh, and no one can tell you any specifics, because to do so would violate security protocols and cause paypal to internally self destruct.

so basically: theres nothing wrong with your account - theres nothing wrong with the sellers account - theres nothing wrong with the transaction - and theres nothing that paypal can do to help you. its just the price you pay to use paypal. in fact, it might even be in the fine print of the terms of use: "you will be treated by paypal like you are worthless and meaningless and we reserve the right to at anytime **bleep** around with your account, and further reserve the right to refuse to give you any information or help you."

so what can you do? well, you could **bleep** it up and do the e-check thing, you could take your business elsewhere, or you could always just close your account and open another one and re-add ur bank account, etc. and start making instant payments again (till they flag the NEW account). <--this works btw.